About Us

The pioneers in the field of Pre School education, SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group of Schools are a big group with a chain of 625+ branches all across India and Abroad. Since its inception in 1989, efficiently run under the guidance of the country’s leading educationists, the Arora clan, SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group of Schools has provided quality education to more than 3, 50, 000 children.

Apart from the main focus on making learning interesting, enriching, motivating; SHEMFORD Group of Futuristic Schools focusses on creating a futuristic path for our children. SHEMFORD Futuristic School offers in-house designed and developed unique system of education, ShemEduMAXTM, which provides opportunities to children to excel in all the fields—education as well as sports.

SHEMFORD is a pioneer in quality education. With an in-house R&D division, which is constantly tuned with the newest of technologies and supported by the team of best academicians, SHEMFORD is dedicated to constantly upgrading its unique & futuristic ShemEduMAX™ system of education, which is one of its kinds in the school fraternity. SHEMFORD is a dynamic educational community created by the interaction of committed faculty and enthusiastic parents.

The vision of SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools extends beyond the narrow walls of classroom and textbooks. At SHEMFORD, we believe that education is all about preparing and equipping young people for life and not just for school. With this philosophy as our source of inspiration, we aim to provide a stimulating environment, wherein, children enjoy learning and can also perform to the best of their abilities, in all areas of our extensive curriculum. By providing inclusive education at SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools, we also aim to build capacity in our children to accept the challenges of life.

At SHEMFORD, we have always believed that both teachers and parents play an important role in the growth and development of children and it is only through open communication, fruitful discussions and active participation that we can together lay a strong foundation for our children.

The SHEMFORD Mission Statement:

"To make learning creative, interesting, interactive and engaging, through a system which is constructive, comprehensive, practical and futuristic."

We aim to realise our mission by:
  • Offering a creative, caring, innovative, stress-free and harmonious learning environment for children
  • Imparting quality education through opportunities to explore, discover & experiment with hands-on material
  • Providing a lively curriculum which is practical in approach, innovative in methods, scholarly in content and global in scope
  • Developing communication skills to enable the children to express their thoughts and feelings fluently & in a confident manner
  • Creating opportunities for learning basic life skills such as self-dependency, critical thinking & decision making
  • Preparing children for the global challenges while maintaining the rich Indian culture, morals and values
  • Facilitating a culture of lifelong learning

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything, without losing your temper or your self-confidence.

Dear All,
We, at SHEMFORD Siddharth Nagar, endeavour to make education wholesome and holistic. While nurturing our children to become global citizens, we also foster learning in them, which is rooted in our traditional values, thereby making them humble and compassionate. A stress- free, non-coercive and creative environment, both within and outside the class, enables the children, not only to unravel the truth of life, hone their skills, unfurl their creativity and innovation, but also provides them with the opportunity of developing a strong bond of faith and mutual respect with their parents, peers and teachers. I pledge my steadfastness to the growth of this remarkable institution and to the field of education.

Dr. Bandana Singh

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”

Clay P. Bedford

We have set very high goals and standards for our institution. Each and every student will be provided with opportunity to realise his or her potential by focussing on individual differences and right frequency between the teacher and the taught. The education imparted must ensure that the students learn how to think rather than what to think. Education is about the total configuration of ideas, practices and conduct.

It gives me immense sense of pride as our dream of bringing quality school education par excellence comes true. I believe that education is the most important tool that shapes the future of any individual, society or nation at large. We wanted to build a school that not only catered to best amenities and facilities but also focussed on learning process that is enjoyed by our kids, a unique concept of imparting knowledge where children learn by experience and application.

Nitin Gaurav

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.”

Chinese proverb

Foundation of every nation is education. The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves. It is a continuous life long process and school is one of the most important components of this process. Each child has the potential to be the one who can make a difference. Given appropriate support, guidance and opportunity they can create magic that will astonish us. We understand each child is provided with an opportunity to realise his/her potential. We work towards shaping self-confident individuals, who would have the potential to transform knowledge (what they know) and attitudes (what they feel and believe) into action (what to do and how to do).

Anurag Goyal

Children are the centre of universe. Their welfare and happiness must be our ultimate goal. Education is a tool that can empower our children to change the destiny of a nation. We felt the need to have this right kind of education at Siddharth Nagar (Buddha Bhumi) that provides global outlook, with roots firmly embedded in our culture.

This exciting journey has been marked by a period of visionary planning, sustained hard work, an exposition of talent and a clear focus on the vision and mission of the school. Parents’ active participation is essential for our success. A strong partnership among parents, students and teachers helps students reach their potential and makes them aspire for goals of excellence.

Sanatya Singh

“The great end of education is to discipline rather than to furnish the mind; to train it to the use of its own powers rather than to fill it with the accumulation of others.”

Tyron Edwards

Our aim is to provide an enriching curriculum in a conducive learning environment that will prepare students for success, while at school, and for the years, beyond school. The world class facilities in this beautiful campus with an efficient administrative back-up and a team of competent, passionate teachers substantiate our commitment to quality. We are committed to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. While we accord priority to academic excellence, we also lay strong emphasis on the wholesome development of our students by achieving a balance between the academic, physical and artistic pursuits. We have high expectations for our students. Therefore, our endeavour is to ensure that our students are endowed with effective skills to face the challenges of life beyond school and that they contribute to society, while working for their individual success.